Go to your room and stay there....

Go to your room and stay there....

Take a quick look around at humanity these days and if you stop long enough to consider how our bodies are changing it can be quite alarming. There are many factors that contribute to this change - lack of anything remotely resembling exercise being promoted/expected, diets void of nutritional value, many of us function in a constant state of "flight/fight" (high levels of stress) which is hard on our bodies, too much stimulation from our "phones" (are they really phones anymore?) and finally - lack of restful sleep.

Charles Poliquin gives a few quick tips to improve sleep habits.

Be Activated Workshop Series

The human body is a miraculously designed "machine". We were designed to move efficiently, smoothly and pain free in order to accomplish daily tasks or climb the highest mountain. Many of us develop "cheat patterns" in order to get the job done. This is part of the stress on the human condition and leads to overuse injuries, stress and fatigue. When we can re-train our bodies to function how they were designed we open up opportunities to live life to its fullest.

Join us for Level 1 and 2 workshops teaching this powerful system June 6-9. Space is limited, online pre-registration is encouraged. You will need to create an account with MindBody Online when prompted if you do not already have one.

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New Client Special - 30 minute Fitness Consultation

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